Safety Tips for Riding a UTV

UTVing is all fun and games until accident and injury happen. It’s true that UTVing can be dangerous, but many of the accidents that occur can be avoided. Driving safely and being prepared can keep your UTVing fun and exciting. This exhilarating activity does not need to be dangerous. Keep your UTV adventures safe with just a few of these safety tips.


Staying on the Trail

Staying on the designated UTV trail will help you avoid disaster. Steer clear of ditches, rocks, and other things that may get your vehicles stuck or pop your tires. These trials are groomed and designed for a UTV. Other terrains may seem tempting, but it can be dangerous for yourself, your riders, and your vehicle. Trials can also provide a wide amount of variety. There are different terrain and trails that include exciting slopes, twists and turns, and more. If you are driving on a slope, do not turn completely on the slope. This can easily lead to your UTV tipping downhill. Wait until you’ve reached a flat terrain to turn your UTV.


Keep Your Hands and Legs in the Vehicle

Each rider should have their own seat. Crouching in the UTV is unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. Each passenger should be tall enough to reach a handhold while their backs are still against the seat behind them and their feet are on the floor. It may be tempting to throw your hands up in the air as you end the ride of a UTV, but this can easily lead to accident and injury. As they say about rollercoasters, keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times.


Choose the Right Side by Side

A side by side can greatly impact your driving. The wrong side by side can make driving very tricky. If you’re going into a woodland area with a side by side equipped for sand dunes, that’ll make driving very difficult. Different side by sides has different tires and different abilities. To ensure having a great trip no matter where you are, be sure that you have a compatible side by side—one that works with your UTV and with your chosen terrain.


Wear the Right Gear

The first step of safe riding takes place before you even get in your UTV—your gear. Proper gear starts with a good quality helmet. Next, you’ll need a long sleeve shirt and pants, sturdy boots, and some solid goggles. You should ensure that your head and face and protected from any potential flying debris, extreme wind, or from just hitting in the event of an accident. Wear goggles that are comfortable, anti-fog, and secure. Your visibility is important, and your eye protection is necessary. You should be wearing gear similar to hiking gear. You’ll need sturdy shoes as you’ll be in rough terrain. Long sleeves and pants are necessary to help you avoid potential scratches or other harms that can easily reach you within your vehicle. Bushwhacking is very common in UTV riding.

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