Mount Devices to Your UTV

Take your UTV adventure to the next level when you mount a Go Pro, DSLR, phone, tablet, or GPS on your machine. Hit the trails with the luxury of a GPS or remember your adventure with a sports camera. You can take your UTV to the next level with some fun and exciting accessories, starting with mounting some of your favorite devices to your UTV. Ever wished you could film your ride? Or have GPS to show you the trails? Now, you can!

Installing a GPS

You can guide your family and friends through the trails with a GPS on your UTV or ATV. There are a few things you should consider before mounting. For example, where do you want to mount? If you’re mounting a GPS, you’ll want to mount it in an easily accessible and easy to see place. You should also be sure that the device is not mounted in a place that it will be damaged by heat, moisture, or overall use.

GPS is a great addition to any UTV. Easily navigate your way through trails with the help of a GPS. Avoid getting lost and potentially breaking down in an unknown area. You can get a GPS device especially for your UTV and leave it there permanently, or you could also use your cell phone with a GPS app. Or a tablet with a GPS app.

Consider the Device Type

How and where you want to mount the device will differ based on what the device is. How sturdy is it? Will exposure damage the device? How big is the device? What are you using it for? How accessible does it need to be? Do you want to mount more than one device on your machine? There are many things to consider.

You should also consider the machine you are mounting onto. Does this vehicle have a center console? Does it already have any a screen? You may be able to mount a screen or tablet on the center console for consistent use.


To mount your desired device on your UTV you’ll need to invest in a mounting device. There is a wide selection out there of base mounts. Essentially, most mounting bases are handlebar clamps, brake or clutch reservoir mounts, mirror adaptors, gas tank bases, or bolt head adaptors. These mounting devices come in different shapes and sizes. You’ll want to know how long you want your mounting arm to be and how many devices you want to mount.

When it comes to actually mounting, you can either hire a professional or do it yourself. There will likely be instructions that come along with the mounting device.

For more exciting UTV trips add some accessories to your UTV. Whether it’s new tires, windshields, mirrors, or other accessories, you can find it at UTV. Take your vehicle out this summer and hit the trails with your newly tripped out ride. You can take your adventures to the next level! Happy UTVing!

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