How To Street License Your UTV In Utah

You’ve dominated the mountain trails, spent hours riding in the sand dunes, and even had your fair share of leisurely trail local trails. But there may be one terrain you haven’t been able to enjoy… the open road.

Okay maybe not the highways of Utah, but unless your UTV is street licensed you’ve been missing out. Whether it’s to gain easier access to another tail you’ve been dying to try out, running out to pick up a pizza or a gallon of milk, or simply driving down the street to see a friend, being able to legally drive on the street can really give you a whole new experience when it comes to your UTV.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s how to street license your UTV in Utah.

#1. Safety Inspection

Before you can street license your UTV you’ll need to have a safety inspection performed. The first time you register your UTV you will need the inspection and anytime a UTV or ATV changes ownership. After that a safety inspection is required every other year for the first eight years of the model year. In Utah, you can expect a fee of $7

#2. Registration

Just like your vehicle, you UTV will need to be registered to be street legal. You’ll get license plates for your UTV, so if you’re into the personalized plates start brainstorming a few fun options.

#3. Insurance

Also like your vehicle, you will need to have proper insurance to ride your UTV on the streets.

#4. Driver License

If your UTV is licensed to drive the streets, you  need to be too. You’ll need your driver’s license (Class D Operator’s License) in order to legally drive your UTV on the streets.

#5. Modifications

To make it street legal, you may need to look into a few UTV upgrades. First, you’ll need proper headlamps and tail lamps for your UTV. And since you will have a license plate, you’ll, need to make sure there is a light installed to illuminate it. You’ll need at least one red reflector on the back of your UTV as well as stop lights.

The front of your UTV should have turn signals, and rearview mirrors on each side. Of course your UTV will need to have a working brake system, a speedometer that illuminates at night, and a muffler and emissions control system.

In order to safely communicate on the roads, you’ll also need a working horn. Your UTV is also required to have a windshield, unless the driver will be wearing eye protection. For more information on making your UTV street legal, visit

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