How to Outfit Your UTV For Winter Riding

The morning chill in the air means fall is nearly upon us. This means that some incredible views of the fall leaves while trail riding in the Utah mountains are just around the corner! But it also means that winter is just around the corner too. This doesn’t have to mean the end of your UTV season. It just means you need to do a little preparation now so that you can enjoy those winter months comfortably. Here’s how to outfit your UTV for winter riding.

Dress Appropriately
Before you outfit your UTV, you need to make sure that you yourself are outfitted correctly for your winter adventuring. Obviously, a winter coat and snow pants are a must. Be sure you’ve got a few layers underneath to keep your dry and warm. When it comes to extra protection, consider a neck warmer to keep your neck and lower face protected even if your jacket is being blown back by the wind. Keeping your hands warm is crucial to a safe ride, so if you’re having trouble staying warm try a pair of snowmobile gloves. You’ll probably want a pair of goggles to go over your helmet and protect your eyes from the cold air too.  

Add a Winch
If you don’t have one already, before the winter season is a great time to add a winch to your UTV. With winter comes snow and icy conditions. It’s easy to get stuck or slip off the path. You’re going to need to make sure you have a way to get yourself unstuck or help someone you meet along the road. This is a great accessory for your UTV because not only will it be helpful in the wintertime, but it’ll be helpful all year round.

Get a Windshield
One way to make your winter UTV riding much more enjoyable is to get a windshield for your UTV. Not only will it keep the snow out of your way so you have a clear view of the trail, but your windshield will keep you warmer too. You’ll stay extra toasty with a windshield to protect your from the freezing winter air. Make sure you buy your windshield from the experts in the industry, UTV Windshields & Accessories.

Cab Enclosure
Take the heat up a notch by getting a cab enclosure for your UTV. No matter what elements you come across, you’ll be protected and comfortable. This means as much UTV riding as you can stand! You can really increase your comfort level by adding a cab heater as well!

Snow Plow
Another practical accessory you can get to prepare your UTV for winter riding is a snow plow. Want a little help shoveling your driveway? Let your UTV do the heavy work! If you needed an altruistic push, here it is. Because once you start plowing your own driveway, you won’t be ready to stop until you’ve done the whole neighborhood!

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