How to Load Your UTV on Your Trailer

Before you can take your UTV on an off-roading adventure, you need to load your UTV on your trailer! 

Knowing how to load your machine may seem like a simple task. However, this job must be done with the utmost care and without mistake. Correctly loading your UTV is essential to safety and the protection of your investment.

Continue reading to learn how to properly load your side-by-side on your trailer.

Finding the Right Trailer

Whether your truck bed is too small or your UTV is too big, some of the new UTVs are just too big to be loaded into your truck. Thankfully, the right trailer can make loading easy and will work to keep your investment secure.

When shopping for your trailer, make sure to think about the size and weight of your machine, especially when deciding if you need a single or double axle trailer. Single axle trailers cost a lot less and will do just fine hauling a smaller UTV model. However, if your UTV is bigger, you may need a tandem axle design that is sturdier and can handle more weight.

Loading Ramps

Many of today’s trailers come with built-in features, such as a built-in ramp that makes loading easier and more convenient. If your trailer doesn’t feature a built-in ramp, you’ll need to get one. The main things you need to consider when choosing your ramp are considering your machine’s weight and attaching it to your trailer model. The ramp you select must be able to handle the full weight of your UTV.

Before You Load

Here is a checklist of things you need to do before loading your UTV:

  • Get your truck and trailer on a flat, even surface.
  • Engage your truck’s parking brake.
  • Correctly connect your trailer to your towing vehicle, complete with safety chains and wires.
  • Test electrical connections and brake harness.
  • Get your helmet on during the loading process. Better safe than sorry!

Expert Tips to Load Your UTV on Your Trailer

Now that you’re ready to load, here’s what to do:

  • Line up your wheels — Get your wheels dead straight and centered on the trailer.
  • Get in Gear — Put your machine in its lowest gear and turn on your 4WD.
  • Apply the Gas — Tenderly press on the gas and creep your way forward, slowly up the ramp. Do your best to do this in one, continuous, fluid motion and avoid starting and stopping.
  • Secure Your Vehicle — Once you make your way up the ramp and to the trailer deck, move as forward as you need to be, apply the parking brake, turn off your engine, and remove the key from the ignition.
  • Try, Try Again — If you didn’t get it the first time, that’s okay! Back up and try again!

Check back next time for information on how to properly secure your machine to your trailer.

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