How To Keep Your UTV Axles From Breaking?

An unfortunate and inevitable fact about UTVs is that your UTV axles will, at some point, become damaged or even broken. 

Whether you’re on a thrilling ride on rocky terrain going over 75 miles per hour or are on a relaxing cruise across your property, axles can break. At one point in your UTV riding career, you will experience an axle break regardless of how you ride. You can keep your axles from breaking by doing a couple of things.

Learn how to avoid breaking or damaging your axles below.

Dangling UTV Axles

One of the most common causes of axles breaking is due to an installation error. Some riders, who recently had new axles installed, find their boots cut when grease starts to leak on their first ride. If you don’t notice leaking grease right away, your new axles are as good as gone. This damage is easily and completely avoidable: don’t let your axles hang during installation. 

Cut boots don’t occur because of a jagged piece of metal or knife; it happens because the installer inserts the CV into the differential and lets it hang. This causes the boot to bend and pinch, which can create a small split. Use a strap or bungee cord to support the weight of the axle during installation to prevent boot damage on your stock or aftermarket axles.

Clunking, Popping, and Crackling Sounds

You know the sound we’re talking about: that mechanical clunk, pop, and crackle echoing from your wheels. You know, the one that especially rears its ugly head when you slow down or crank your wheel to make a hard turn. Unfortunately, this sound is never good news! But what makes this awful noise? This sound occurs when all the grease leaks from your CV joint. Thankfully, with a little TLC, your axle might last another year or more.

If you hear this sound, the first thing you’ll want to check out is your boot. If you find that it’s damaged and leaking grease, a complete boot and grease replacement might be necessary to keep your axle water- and contaminate-free and in one piece. If it’s not damaged, it could just be that the life of your CV is nearing its end. A bandaid fix to this problem is to change your boot and grease. However, your only long-term option is to replace the CV joint and get a new axle. This should quiet your clunking wheels.

Repairs and Replacements

Thankfully, a lot of these jobs are an easy DIY project for most UTV enthusiasts. However, if you’re not so comfortable performing this sort of maintenance, you can take your machine to the local garage for a quick and simple fix.

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There are many ways you can break or damage your UTV axles. Do your best to avoid those common mistakes when you’re adventuring on your next expedition and enjoy your axles longer! For all of your UTV accessories and windshields, contact the UTV experts at TerraRider UTV Windshields or check out our online shop today.

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