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Do I Need a UTV Safety Certificate to Ride?

While riding a utility terrain vehicle on Utah’s off-road soil is a ton of fun, you might need a UTV Safety Certificate to ride one. The rules and regulations depend on your age and what type of driver’s license you already have. 

Age, Licensing, and Safety Requirements

Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) can be tricky to handle, so it’s essential to have the necessary qualifications to use one. If you’re a licensed driver and you’re at least 16 years old, then you can operate a UTV without a safety certificate as long as you can properly drive the UTV. This includes being able to reach and use the vehicle controls.  

If you’re younger than 16 or don’t have your driver’s license, then you’ll need to take a UTV Safety Certificate course to drive a UTV in Utah legally. You must be at least eight years old to drive a UTV. You are not allowed to drive a UTV on a street or highway unless you’re a licensed driver. If you’re younger than 16, you must wear a helmet.

UTV Safety Certificate Courses in Utah

If you’re between the ages of eight and 16, you’ll need to take a UTV Safety Certification Course to legally drive a UTV in Utah. You’ll also need to have an adult (someone who’s at least 18) supervising you while you drive. They must be able to see you while you’re driving. 

The Utah Safety Certification costs $30 per student. You do not need to renew it every year. Once you’ve passed it, you’re good to go. If you lose your certificate, you can request a new one through the Utah State Parks website. The course will teach you how to:

  • Ride safely
  • Find a UTV that fits you
  • Find a UTV that properly distributes your weight
  • How to ride responsibly and ethically
  • How to properly handle and shift in your UTV
  • How to ride within your ability

Each one of these steps is important to operate a UTV safely. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills by completing the Utah Safety Certification. 

How to Complete a Safety Certification Course

Do you need to complete a Safety Certification Course? Multiple options satisfy Utah’s laws. There are online and in-person courses. You’re welcome to pick the class that best suits your needs. Online course options include the Utah ATV Safety Course from and the Utah OHV Safety Course from Today’s OHV Rider. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Off-Highway Vehicle Safety is the in-person option for UTVs. 

Registering Your UTV

Utah state law requires all UTVs to have current registration unless you have an exemption. If your vehicle doesn’t meet the criteria for registration, it probably isn’t safe to operate on any road or terrain. By following state laws for registration, you’ll keep yourself and other drivers safe. You can register your UTV through Utah’s Department of Motor Vehicles. 

TerraRider UTV Windshields

Do you need a new windshield for your UTV? What about accessories or other parts? Looking for an excuse to put that UTV safety certificate to work? TerraRider UTV Windshields services the Salt Lake area. We also offer shipping for customers in the United States. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or help you find what you need. 

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