Can My Dog Go UTV Riding With Me?

If you are a dog lover, chances are you want to bring your buddy UTV riding with you. 

We love the idea of bringing your favorite four-legged furry friend with you, so today, we are giving you the tips and tricks to make bringing your pup along with your UTV adventures all the easier. Keep reading to check out those helpful tips.

How To Prepare

Can your dog go UTV riding with you? The short answer is Yes. The long answer is yes, and here's how!

The chances are that your dog has never become familiar with a vehicle like a UTV. If you have a vacation planned that you are bringing your dog on, take the time ahead of the trip to let your dog become familiar with the vehicle. Let him hop in and sniff around, sit on the seats and explore. Doing this a few times will ease his anxiety and give you a better chance at cooperation with your animal and ease on the trip.


Having gear specifically for your dog while UTV riding will be a benefit to you and him. Here is a list of a few items that you might want to consider:

Dog Seat Harness


Dog Bed

Dog Pad For Heat Safety

You can purchase an actual side-by-side dog harness on the internet. This will keep them safely in the seat and buckled up for the ride. If you are transporting your dog not using a harness, a crate will be a good next option. These can be safely attached to the UTV. You can also install a UTV dog bed where a seat goes in your vehicle. And lastly, since it is summer and the heat ranges are intense, purchasing a dog pad for heat safety will be a must-have during the scorching months ahead!

What to Pack

Just like you prepare and pack essential items for you to take on your trips, it should be for your furry friend. A few things to make sure you pack for your pup are:

Food + Water Dish


Chew Toys

Personal Home Dog Bed



First Aid Kit

Training Collar

Their food and water are essential, of course. Packing it so that it is easily accessible is also a plus. You may have time to stop and stretch your legs. In this instance, having some chew toys and their dog bed could come in handy. A leash and harness are always a good idea; you never know what type of animals or reptiles you might find on your path, and being able to have some restraint on your dog will only be helpful. A dog first aid kit is necessary, as well as a training collar if you think your dog will be off-leash at all on your riding trip.

Terra Rider UTV Windshields & Accessories

Thank you for reading our information on taking your dog UTV riding with you. We love to know that you are having a great time making many memories on your UTV adventures. If you have questions about UTVs or need gear and other accessories, you know who to call. Our office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, or you can give us a call at (801) 923-6347. Contact us today!

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