Best Upgrades For Your UTV

You’ve purchased your UTV, and now you are ready to soup it up. Whether you’re looking to increase performance or amp up how your ride looks, there’s an upgrade for you. Of course, your stock machine will supply countless hours of fun, but with a few modifications, you can make your adventures even more enjoyable.

Here are several of our favorite upgrades you can add to your UTV.


Tires and Wheels

The standard tires and wheels that come with your UTV are a decent starting place, but there is a lot more out there, depending on the riding you plan to be doing. For example, if you plan to ride dunes, you’ll want to buy a set designed for that specific terrain. The tires and wheels you buy for dunes will be different than those for rocky trails. 



Make late nights on the dunes, hills, and trails possible with extra lights for your UTV. Any kind of nighttime riding can be dangerous, but it is especially dangerous on the dunes because steep ridged razorbacks and unexpected slip faces can appear suddenly. Extra lights will not only help you see the unexpected, but they will also help others see you. Use a high-output LED light bar to stay safe and visible.



Alright — this isn’t an upgrade to your machine, but it is an aftermarket purchase you will want to make. Get a helmet for you and each of your riders. Utah law requires all riders under the age of 18 to wear helmets but suggests every rider wears them. We agree — you should always wear a helmet, regardless of your age or skill level. 



If you’re really looking to upgrade your machine and have money to spare, aftermarket shocks are worth the investment. Your stock suspension has nothing on the durability and performance of an upgraded set of shocks.



People choose to replace their machine’s factory windshields with aftermarket ones because they fit much better. Factory windshields don’t fit the body well and leave gaps between the two. The windshields available at UTV Windshield & Accessories are higher quality than the ones produced by the manufacturer.


Towing Accessories

When it comes to UTVing, you never know what adventure awaits. Whether it’s you or your pal, almost always, someone gets stuck in the mud or hung up on a rock. Winches, tow straps, and ropes will come in handy on just about every ride.


An important thing to understand is that UTVs typically do not come with side and rear-view mirrors. Mirrors are beneficial when reversing, squeezing through tight pathways, and changing lanes. You will easily be able to keep an extra eye on your surroundings and caravan by adding mirrors to ride. 

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