7 Tips for Getting Into UTV Racing

Racing UTVs is full of thrill and excitement. It also requires plenty of knowledge and skill. If you are interested in getting into UTV racing, there are a few things you need to know and several items you’ll need to get before you rev up your engine and cross that finish line.

Make sure you are race-ready with the following seven tips.

Understand the Rules

Like most extreme sports, safety needs to be your number one priority. If you are new to the world of UTVs, it would be a good investment to take a safety course to make sure you understand how to use your machine and all the rules associated with UTV racing.

Find Your Class

Before you can race, you’ll need to figure out which class you’ll participate in. Classes vary from race to race and depend on your age, skill level, and machine. If you’re not sure where to start, look into a Sportsman or Production class to get going.

Gear Up with the Best

Another aspect of safety you need to consider when racing UTVs is how to protect your body. Like many other off-road races, you are required to wear appropriate safety gear. Finding clothes that are comfortable and breathable while offering protection against crashes, burns, and scrapes is imperative. Here is a list of some of the clothing and other protective gear you’ll need for racing UTVs:

    • Helmet
    • Goggles
    • Firesuit
    • Gloves
    • Long-sleeved shirt
    • Pants
    • Boots

Tune Up Your Machine

Before you hit the off-road track, make sure to get your machine race-ready with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Taking care of your machine in this way ensures it will run properly during your race. Give your ride a good wash, check the filters, change the oil, make sure your tires are in good shape and have enough air, grease what needs to be greased, and anything else your machine requires. A worn-down UTV won’t be able to hang in a race.

Customize and Trick Out Your UTV

Typically, UTVs don’t come ready to race. Unless you specifically buy your machine for racing, you’ll likely have to make a few adjustments and customizations. This is an exciting part for most UTV enthusiasts. To race your UTV, you will probably need a roll cage, doors, 4- or 5-point harness, safety nets, fire extinguisher, and more.

Pro tip: Make sure you can pass the technical inspection before your race by meeting all requirements. Otherwise, you’ll immediately be disqualified.

Get Your Travel Set Up Ready

UTV races are often full-day commitments. Make sure you’re ready for the road and the competition with a great travel set up. Be prepared for whatever comes your way with plenty of spare parts and tools, lots of food and water, folding chairs and a canopy, air compressor, cleaning supplies, and anything else you might need.

Practice Makes Perfect

Lastly, practice as often as you can. Racing UTVs is a skill that most individuals have to work at to become good. Remember, practice makes perfect! Don’t expect to win your first race. Put in the work, and don’t give up!

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