5 Ways to Modify Your UTV

There’s nothing better than owning your own UTV, that is except when you’re able to customize it so that it feels as if it were tailor made for you and you alone! No matter how you like to ride, or what kind of activities you enjoy doing, you can you can modify your UTV to make your ride as enjoyable and convenient as possible. Here are five ways to modify your UTV.

#1. Side-view mirror
Not only does a side-view mirror make it easy to make wipe off the mud from your face, but they can keep you safer too. With a clear view of your sides and behind your UTV, you’ll be safer and can make more informed decisions while riding. Not only that, but having side-view mirrors just looks good. They give your machine a balanced feel, and most are made to fold in and withstand normal wear and tear.

#2. Windshield
Another product that will keep you safe, and also more comfortable, is a UTV windshield. Windshields will help to increase visibility by keeping dust, bugs, tree branches, and other debris out of your face. Windshields will also keep you more comfortable by keeping the elements out of your UTV so you can ride to your heart’s content.
As you begin to shop, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Without proper airflow while riding, you can get a swirling effect where dust is actually drawn into your UTV rather than a windshield keeping it out. If you get a full windshield, make sure this isn’t an issue before heading out. You can also go with a half, or tilting windshield which gives you the best of both worlds.
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#3. Light bar
Why let the sunlight dictate when you can ride your UTV? Modify your UTV with a light bar and drive whenever you want for as long as you want, day or night. If you have a roof or a windshield, make sure your light bar will be compatible. Otherwise, they are simple to install. As a bonus, you can find some that also provide added protection for your UTV windshi8eld from overhead damage. Win-win!

#4. Center console
Nothing’s better than cruising in your UTV sipping on an ice-cold drink. So there’s no better mod than installing a center console! You’ll get cup holders to keep your drink locked in place while you ride, and also have a convenient place to put your cell phone, keys, wallet, and anything else you want to keep protected and dry.

#5. A-arm guards
If you’re looking for a modification that will help extend the life of your UTV but is a little less obvious from the cab, go with the A-arm guard. It protects the undercarriage of your UTV, which is great especially if you like to do a lot of off-road or off-trail riding.

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