CF Moto Z Force Full Tilt Windshield One Size Fits All

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CF Moto Z Force Full Tilt Windshield One Size Fits All


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Non Scratch Resistant Windshield:

We manufacture this windshields from polycarbonate (Lexan) that is 3/16”, 10 yr. U.V. protection and impact resistant, even at -40°F. To prolong the life of your windshield follow cleaning instructions.

Scratch Resistant Windshield:

We manufacture this windshield from 1/4″ Poly-carbonate/Lexan AR (scratch resistant) material that is double sided. There is not a tougher coating.10 yr. U.V. protection and impact resistant, even at -40°F. Harder to Scratch and Easier to clean.

Nicest CF MOTO windshield on the market. Made in America,  All of our windshields are tight fitting to the body. No gaps! We also make our windshields wide so it overlaps the roll bar half way on both sides making it more rigid. Resting it on the bars like we do, combined with the tight body fit, makes our windshield convex. Most manufacturers make their windshields concaved which creates an unnecessary glare. We also give them a nice rounded edge; because, like you, I know I want my bike to look sharp! Each windshield includes the following: Body molding around the bottom to protect your bike. 4 heavy duty velcro straps to secure windshield in the up position and 4 clamps and we also include stainless steel nuts, bolts and lock washers. Are all these things necessary? I think so! I designed the 1st several models for myself (and I am a picky bugger!). I didn’t want it to move, (no matter how crazy I may get!). We also include instructions to make it easy to work with as well. Each windshield is individually made so we can custom size your windshield at no additional cost.

*When ordering I need to know if you have a Hard or a Soft top for your machine. If you have a hard top, is it a Factory Hard top? If not I will need you to take a measurement for me. Measure where your roll bar enters the plastic on your fender. Follow the roll bar up to the lowest point of your hard top. Send me that measurement and I will take care of the the rest.

** Please see cleaning instructions on our website and install instructions that are provided to prolong life of windshield.** **We do not accept returns if the protective coating has been removed. For installation peel protective coating back just past the holes only until you have verified everything fits.****5 year Warranty Covers yellowing, discoloring or breaking due to manufacturer defects, DOES NOT Cover scratches or breaking, due to misuse, abuse, and not following proper care procedures. **

Scratch Resistant

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