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Custom Fitting Windshields to Any Roof

You just bought your dream UTV—or a fleet of them—but the windshields they came with just weren’t up to snuff. Maybe you knew that going in and figured it would be a breeze to get them replaced. It certainly should be, but just like those “custom” all weather mats you ordered for your car, you realize too late that custom doesn’t necessarily mean handcrafted just for you. When did “good enough” become acceptable, especially with something as crucial as vehicle accessories? While it’s true that technically a number of stock windshields can (kind of, in a way) be fitted onto...
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Why a Folding UTV Windshield?

As a UTV enthusiast, you want a vehicle that’s versatile enough to keep up with the demands of whatever you’re doing. That need for versatility is something you should keep in mind when you’re picking accessories as well, particularly your windshield. For versatility, a folding UTV windshield just can’t be beat. Here are some of the top reasons for choosing a folding windshield. Ventilation Options If you’re an all-weather enthusiast, you need a windshield that will work for you in rain and shine. On warm days, full fixed windshields reduce airflow and can really make the cab of your UTV...
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UTVs: Where Work Meets Pleasure

Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are rugged, versatile, and convenient. They can be equipped for any job, go places larger vehicles can’t, and (let’s face it) they are a lot of fun. If you are an outdoorsman, land owner, or riding enthusiast, chances are good that you have long dreamed of owning one of these sturdy workhorses. If you’re finally considering making those dreams a reality, this article could be just the push you need to help you take the plunge. Practical UTVs are tough and practical. Their sturdiness and stability make them ideal for rough trails where lesser vehicles wouldn’t...
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