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UTV Windshields Made in the USA: Why It Matters

Americans are thankfully getting more and more “local”—and in venues besides their food. “Made in the USA” might appear to be nothing more than a slogan, but there are very real benefits to purchasing products manufactured at “home.” UTV Windshields are proudly manufactured and distributed in the US, by a company founded on the belief that the American dream is alive and kicking (or in some instances racing through the trails on a four-wheeler). First, keep in mind that foreign labor conditions might not be up to par with American standards, or even your own ethical perspective. It’s easy to...
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How to Safely Extinguish a Campfire

It’s a drought-filled, high heat summer, which is a prime foundation for campfires to get out of control. As you’re packing up the UTV for weekend warrior activities, it’s important to know the safest way to put out a campfire. For those who are experts, a refresher course is a good idea since all that adrenaline during an emergency can get in the way of reaction times. Start by making sure campfires are kept to a size that’s manageable, and add bigger wood pieces to keep it going instead of smaller ones which can be prone to flying away—into dangerous...
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UTV Towing with Windshield and Other Accessories

You put a lot of thought, research, effort (not to mention money) into kitting out your UTV. However, when it needs to be towed, most people aren’t prepared. Keeping it safe during the ride requires the right tools and care. If you know a thing or two about safe UTV towing, you’re shocked at the tow habits rampant on the highways. Many times, it’s not just harmful to the UTV, but downright illegal and hazardous to everyone on the road. No matter what UTV you have, its weight isn’t enough to stay on a trailer if you have to slam...
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