The 3 Most Important Functions of UTV Windshields

Think you know what UTV windshields are for? Think again, because they perform key functions well beyond keeping you protected from the elements — although that’s critical when you’re off-roading in the rain and mud, snowmobiling through fresh powder or taking potential residents around the retirement home grounds you manage. The windshield does much more than keep bugs out of your face, and is actually considered a critical part of the UTV’s safety restraint system (SRS), just like your seat belts. A damaged windshield is akin to a nonworking air bag in a vehicle: It puts everyone in the UTV at risk. The SRS in general is created to ensure occupants are secure in the main compartment in case of a collision. This includes rollovers as well as head-on crashes. Most serious injuries and deaths happen when occupants get tangled up in a rollover without rollover protection, or when they’re ejected from a vehicle. Your windshield can help keep you inside your UTV. It also helps to support the roof, ultimately preserving structural integrity. You don’t want your UTV collapsing or getting crushed or crumpled in an accident. Quality Replacement Maybe your UTV didn’t come with a windshield, you need to replace it or it’s time for an upgrade. It’s crucial that windshield replacements/installations are done safely and adequately. Don’t try to do this yourself unless you’re a trained UTV technician. Consider three key factors when ordering an installation or replacement: 1. Focus on visibility. You shouldn’t have to wear old-school goggles to keep debris out of your face. Make sure you choose a windshield that can withstand pits and dings from sand, dirt and small rocks. That’s why plastics are used instead of glass for these off-roading machines. 2. If airbags are installed, ensure the windshield supports them. Your UTV may not have airbags, but if it does, then remember the windshield’s job is partly to support this system. Make sure installation is done properly, otherwise you’ll have no windshield and no airbag deployment in a collision. 3. Let it cushion any blows. In a crash, you’ll likely be thrown forward, but a windshield helps keep you inside and softens the blow. Thanks to the flexible makeup of the material, you won’t be at risk of getting cut from sharp glass, and the distance you’re thrown will be minimal. You get bonus points for always wearing safety belts and harnesses. Not all UTV windshields are created equally, but UTV Windshield and Accessories only sells and installs the best. Contact your local Utah UTV accessories provider today for a windshield replacement, upgrade or installation.

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