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Snow Riding in Your UTV

You have all the accessories for your UTV, and you want to make the most of those snow trails—but how can you do so safely? Even in regions where snow is aplenty, a lot of UTVs and even snowmobiles sit unused through the chilliest of months, but UTV owners are missing out. One of the biggest problems? Simply not having the right clothing. It’s pretty tough to enjoy a snow trail when you don’t have windproof, waterproof, warm clothes, gloves, hats, facemasks and boots. However, you’re only half of what needs to be kitted out for snow riding (the other half? Your UTV of course). Deep snow is a lot of fun, but it can be a beast to navigate. Make sure you have tires with deep enough cleats to manage anything from fresh powder to slush. If you really want to maximize comfort, get some heated mitts or completely cover your UTV with a windshield that can block the elements. Get Prepared With snow riding, it’s better to be over-prepared. If you haven’t already done it, add a winch to your ride (this is the season when you’ll most use it). Pack a minimum of 50 feet of rope as well as a tow strap that can handle over 2,500 pounds. For night riders, ensure your lights are bright enough for optimal vision—having a street legal UTV is a great way to make sure lighting is adequate. Pack plenty of water (even in freezing temperature), and simply keep it close to you so your body heat can keep it defrosted. Dehydration is a killer, literally, even in a winter wonderland. Riding in the snow can be a great thing, and it’s much easier to prepare (and much cheaper!) than many people realize. Stick with the Usual UTV Rules Always ride in a pair or group, which is a lot easier in the summer months when you don’t have to convince your friends to join. However, riding solo is especially dangerous in the snow, so brush up on your nagging or negotiating skills. Need some more friends who are up for a snowy ride? That’s exactly what joining a club is for—you’ll get to know people who are just as dedicated as you (and might have a few extra tips about cold weather riding). Finally, have fun and don’t let a few flurries stop you from enjoying your UTV year-round. The snow’s starting to melt and the temperatures are warming up in many parts of the country, but there are still plenty of snow trails begging for a little action.

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