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Four Reasons You May Want a UTV This Winter

Feel that nip in the air? Having a UTV or ATV might be convenient during the balmy summer months, but for many they’re a requirement as the air cools down. When it’s sandals-and-shorts season, a stroll along the grounds of your child’s campus might be lovely, but when the first cold front moves in, you just want to stay dry and get from the library to the dorm room as quickly as you can. Getting or upgrading a UTV in the autumn means a comfier, cozier and more productive winter ahead. Whether you use your UTV for off-roading fun on the weekends or as a vital part of your business, make sure you’re covered. UTV’s aren’t always just a luxury in the colder months, but sometimes a veritable lifesaver. Following are reasons some people consider getting a UTV. 1. Outdoor Crews Need the Right Tools for the Job If you have workers who need to haul material from Point A to Point B, they’re going to do it a lot faster with the right equipment. Yes, they might be able to get work done assembly-line style, but everyone from landscaping artists to handymen need speed and solid transportation available. If your outdoor workers don’t have the correct equipment, it’s time to kit them out right. And if they do, make sure the UTVs are in the best condition—especially when it comes to quality windshields for seeing in the snow, rain and sleet. 2. Tour Guides Are People Movers From retirement communities to resorts and college campuses, giving outdoor tours means playing host. What kind of host expects their guests to walk long stretches in bad weather or plunks them in a rumbling old UTV that’s seen better days? This is your chance to make a first impression before they see the condo, building or other destination. Make it a good one. 3. Your Property Is Valuable — Protect Your Investment Own a sprawling ranch, farm or simply scores of acres that you need to keep an eye on? No matter how committed you are to maintaining the lay of your land, it can be tough to keep up during the worst winter storms. Do it in speed and style with a UTV that’s fit for your terrain. 4. “Weekend Warriors” Appreciate Quick and Easy Access to Fun It might be time to pack up your water skis and jet skis, but that doesn’t mean the weekend adventures are coming to an end. It’s the season to blaze new trails in the snow or over crunchy leaves. A real warrior is always prepared, and that includes the right equipment. What’s in your garage this winter? If it’s not a trustworthy UTV, you might find out the hard way how ornery Jack Frost can be.

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