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3 Reasons You Need a Skid Plate

You’d think a UTV or ATV would have a skid plate included, since they’re built for tough jobs. You’d be wrong. They’re an add-on feature that many people find out they need when it’s too late. A skid plate is a plate that’s permanently attached to the underbelly of a UTV and is used to minimize damage if (or more likely, when) ground contact is made. They’re a must for any off-road or lowered vehicle, but they’re not all created equally. Some people attach faux skid plates to their rides for that off-road look, but they do nothing to prevent damage. What you need is a skid plate custom made for your UTV featuring 3/8-inch Ultra High Molecular Weight plastics, which is one of the most durable skid-plate materials available. With CAD cutting for optimal fitting, the bolt-head mountings are recessed and you’ll enjoy one solid piece to maximize your UTV’s durability. Get front-nose safeguarding, integration with accessories or bumpers, and peace of mind knowing that it’s nearly impossible to dislodge. What You (and Your UTV) Deserve If you go with a non-customized skid plate, you’ll probably get a “lip” at the mount, which basically means a major impact point. What you need is a smooth surface from bumper to bumper with a clean overlap, allowing for bend — but not breakage. Don’t think you go off-road enough or take your UTV on rough enough terrains to benefit from a skid plate? Here are just a few reasons this is one investment that pays for itself: 1. You don’t know how much damage it’s endured Unless you’re a serious UTV hobbyist who works on your vehicle like some people work on their classic cars, you have no idea how much damage has occurred to the underbelly. From seemingly minor dings to serious rust, it requires getting under the UTV and knowing what you’re looking for. Most UTV owners don’t find out the undercarriage is damaged until it’s serious. 2. Extend the life of your ride You wouldn’t get a custom paint job without opting for clear-coat protection, would you? A UTV is a big purchase, so protect it with proper skid plates. Otherwise, you’re trusting and hoping that your terrain will be flat and bump-free — and where’s the fun in that? Particularly for off-roaders, a skid plate can keep you on the trails for much longer. 3. It’s more cost-effective than you think The price of a personalized skid plate is actually pretty reasonable. At around $600, it’s much more affordable than paying for parts and labor, should you take out a key part while tackling a mountain trail. Protect your investment just like you would your home or car and it will return the favor. Why wouldn’t you give your UTV a little TLC and a skid plate when it does so much for you?

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