3 Reasons to Spend Spring Break UTVing

You’re never too old for spring break, UTV-style! In fact, hitting a new or favorite trail in lieu of overpriced airline tickets and too-crowded clubs is the obvious choice for outdoor recreationalists. Luckily, there are endless options for off-roading, trail riding or even showing off your new golf cart at a course no matter where you live. With spring break right around the corner, there’s more than one good reason to spend it UTVing with friends or family. For example, a UTV vacation is the perfect precedence to set for a healthier, more active spring and summer. Kick off warmer weather right, complete with an outdoor adventure that gets you in the mood for enjoying everything your region has to offer. Here’s why spring break and UTVs go together like pools and bikinis: 1. It’s the Budget-Friendly Option The faint of heart shouldn’t even window shop tickets to Cabo right now. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a weekend (or full week) riding the trails with your UTV. In fact, you can even “spring” for a brand new ride (or a gently loved option) and still spend less than some other spring breakers. Just make sure your UTV is maintained and that checkpoints are taken care of before packing it up along with your picnic lunches and safety gear. 2. It Promotes Bonding You’re not really spending time together if you book a beach resort and spend a few days “with everyone,” yet ignore each other at the pool or book different activities. However, riding UTVs together is a fantastic way to re-group and build those bonds. Whether you’re teaching your kids the basics of UTV safety or racing your friends on a favorite trail, UTV time is true “together time.” 3. It Gets Your Summer Body Ready Many people are surprised to find out that UTV riding is actually an intense workout—probably because you don’t realize you’re squeezing in a workout session! It’s a full-body workout that’s gentler on your body compared to other options such as running or cycling. If you haven’t achieved that New Year’s resolution (quite yet) to be summer-body ready, UTV riding can help you get there. No matter how many days you can take off for spring break, save some cash and make the most of this precious time by taking full advantage of your UTV. It’s the perfect way to usher in the season.

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