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Microfiber Cleaning Kit

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High Quality Microfiber Cleaning Kit


How do most UTV Windshields get scratched? CLEANING THEM!

People use the wrong items to clean their windshield. Many people make the mistake and use what they normally use for a car windshield; paper towels and Windex.

This is the worst thing you can do for your windshield and even with MAR resistant material you can make scratches. This the reason behind our making of a UTV windshield resistant cleaning kit. If you have this kit and follow your instructional video on proper cleaning of windshield, you will eliminate the majority of scratches to your windshield.

The Microfiber Cleaning Kit includes:

  • 1 Bottle of Novus – It reduces static electricity and helps keep dust from sticking to windshield
  • 4 High Quality Micro Fiber Cleaning Clothes – The best cloth to use on windshields and enough to last for a long weekend
  • 1 Squirt Bottle for Water – This helps wash the windshield off, and if mud get caked on, you can blast it off.
  • 1 Weather Resistant Carrying Case

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